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Special Tiles

A few test tiles were made but never issued.


Christmas Series

The example shown, of Santa with two owls perched on his body, is a very similar style to the the figures seen on the Hornsea Love Mugs.

This series was apparently proposed but never released, probably due to the demand over a very limited period. It is not known whether there were other examples (but it is believed so). However, even this solitary example has been repaired after breaking into several pieces.


Christmas tile
Photo courtesy David P Encill
© Heather Townsend

Norman Tile

The appearance of these tiles caused a certain amount of surprise as both were in private hands.

However, it would appear that these were produced to coincide with the 900th anniversary of the Norman invasion in 1066 (with Ken living in Hastings, this now seems obvious).

Normal tile - special
Photo courtesy Simon CurtisKenneth Townsend - Norman tile
Photo courtesy Peter Craddock

Hedgehog - Circular Tile

This is believed to be another one-off, probably intended to be used as a coaster.

Ken Townsend - circular backstamp

The back of the tile reveals it to be made by H & R Johnson Ltd. The '77' and '9' could indicate a manufacturing date of September 1977?

Photo courtesy David P Encill
© Heather Townsend

4-in (10cm) Tiles

These three small tiles were made as a test. Instead of the normal 6-in (15cm) tiles, these were much smaller at 4-in (10cm). They were never marketed and these three are believed to be the only ones in existence.

Donkey tile - special Lion tile - special Owl tile - special
Photos courtesy David P Encill
© Heather Townsend

Fish 'Triptic'

Christmas tile

A set of three tiles, quite possibly the only ones intended to be used together, as seen on Heather's kitchen wall.

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