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There are known to be three games that Ken was contracted to design.

| Marble Fun | Snap! | Remember, Remember |


Marble Fun by Merit

A simple scoring game where a marble is run down a slope and points are awarded according to which slot the marble passes through.

Marble Fun

Marble Fun


Snap! by Galt Toys

Features dozens of square cards, all featuring the familiar KT-style designs. Some designs are adapted from the Scenes of London and Menageries series of tiles. See these six examples of cards.

The photo, below right, shows just a small representation of the designs.

Snap! by Galt ToysNsap! by Galt Toys

Remember, Remember (by Galt?)

According to Heather, this was the first game produced and some designs were used for the Snap! game.

More details to follow

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