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Boxed Bus TrayBoxed Bus TrayThe Chance trays all measure about 5½-in square and are silk-screen printed onto glass blanks before being 'slumped'. This was a process where the glass was heated, whilst on a former, which caused the glass to slump into the mould, and also heat-fixed the paint.

As can be seen in the photo, these were invariably boxed and orginally had labels on the dish, with a further Union Flag sticker on the cellophane lid.

The London Scenes

Below are the London designs produced for Chance Glass. Other London designs can be found on Ken's tiles. Some of the designs featured on both the tiles and the trays.

NOTE: The Sights of London car include The City Gent, Union Flag, Underground and Scots Piper. Please note these were not designed by Ken!

Shakespeare Characters

Below are the four Shakespeare characters produced by Ken.