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Ken illustrated a number of books. Four for Pickpocket books, one for Heinemann and his own book Felix The Baldheaded Lion.

Felix Book CoverFelix Japan IssueLeft:Felix Book Cover, Right:Japanese Issue CoverFelix The Bald-Headed Lion

Written and Illustrated by Kenneth Townsend.

GB: Richard Sadler & Brown Ltd
USA: Seymour Lawrence – Delacorte Press, New York

Japanese issue

On the extreme right is the Japanese cover of Felix! With thanks to Heather.

Tootoo Book CoverIllustrationLeft:Tootoo Book Cover,  Right:IllustrationTootoo's Friends on the Farm

Written by Warren Chetham-Strode and published by Heinemann, London, illustrated by Ken.

Other books in the Tootoo series may feature Ken's illustrations, however 'A Cat Called Tootoo' by the same author does not (ill. by Margaret Minifie, possibly related to the actress Valerie?)

Pickpocket Books

These books are still in print and available from Pickpocket Books. The four illustrated by Ken are below. Covers courtesy of Pickpockets Books.

The books are;

  • How to Rear a Happy Pig, 16pp,  ISBN-10: 1 873422 21 0
  • The Man with the Bag of Nails (Poem by John Ballard),  16pp,  ISBN-10: 1 873422 18 0
  • Green Finger'd Virgil (Translation by Margaret Rose),  16pp, ISBN-10: 1 873422 10 5
  • Fool with a Hundred Faces, 24pp,  ISBN-10: 1 873422 29 6
PigBagnailsVirgilFool With A Hundred FacesPickpocket Pulications book covers - illustrated by Ken